Monday, October 25, 2010

7:30am - 4:00pm

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Intellectual Property theft and Data Security

With an eye on the inside using Computer Forensic Techniques

Topic Description:

This session will cover several ways your “Intellectual Property” or other confidential information such as client data could be compromised and the methods that could be used to transport your business data to the outside world. How and why is your information a target? Disgruntled employees, internal accidental mishandling, and external intrusions are just a few ways your valuable assets could be comprised. What do you do now?    

Swift action by a computer forensic expert can lead to the discovery of who was sitting at the keyboard during the theft bringing rapid resolution to the case.  Using computer forensics and countermeasures you can protect your data and save your reputation as well as mitigating the risk of legal liability. 


To educate the attendees about the many ways computer based Intellectual Property and Client Data can be comprised, usually without your knowledge, and the methods that can be used to transport that data worldwide. This topic will help the CPA to better understand how to protect client data and be in compliance with new and upcoming guidelines.


•  Who steals your data?
•  How big is the problem?
•  Is stealing intellectual property or other computer data different from any other theft of property?
•  Is your business data is at risk?
•  Is your client data at risk?
•  What are the digital doorways (how do they get in)?
•  What digital trail to they leave, if any?
•  Proactive measures
•  Forensic Approach
•  Attendee input and questions